Irish Wooden Gifts

Irish Wooden Gifts

Look no further than H&H Design Detail for authentic Irish wooden gifts, designed and produced in our family run workshop in picturesque Co Kerry.

The collaboration between Denise, our in-house graphic artist / designer and her partner, John who is a master carpenter and engineer, has created a selection of beautifully curated wood products.  Personalised Irish wooden gifts, that turn a lovely present into something meaningful is what we do best.  We take your ideas and translate them into hand crafted, bespoke pieces lovingly produced in sustainable Irish woods.

There’s something intrinsically satisfying about working with wood.  The grain, the texture of each piece of Irish oak or ash comes with its own story.  We feel that by carefully using this wood, with minimum waste, we allow a noble and magnificent tree to continue its life cycle.  By transforming a tree into quality Irish wooden gifts, we make artworks that not only last a lifetime but can be passed down through generations.

Whether it’s a Family Crest / Coat of Arms or one of our award-winning Kids Growth Rulers, you will have an attractive work of art that can enhance any interior.  In a world that’s perhaps gotten a bit disposable and impermanent, these Irish wooden gifts bring tangible and grounded energy to your space.  We can advise you on the best types of wood for your unique piece as well as the natural oil finishes that can bring a richness and depth to the wood.

irish wooden gifts

Irish Wooden Gifts We Offer

  • The Green Man

  • The Old Man of the Forest

  • The Celtic Owl


As a gift to send overseas, there’s something rather appropriate in choosing an object that is truly Irish.  Not just in its design and manufacture but its composition too.  What you are really buying or gifting is an actual piece of Ireland.  

There’s a long history of woodworking in H&H Design Detail’s family tree.  John is a fourth generation Healy carpenter who has an innate affinity with his craft.  The rural setting of the family run workshop, in the Southwest of Ireland, sits gently within its environment.  The sustainable credentials of the business centre on reducing its carbon footprint by mindful use of energy and, equally importantly, planting trees that rebuild the native Irish woodlands.  The ancient Celtic plantations are something that are a key part of our shared Irish story.  Everything from folklore, the island’s scenic beauty, to traditional crafts draw from this inspirational source.

Why not own a small fragment of this great narrative and choose one of our original Irish wooden gifts?  The Tree of Life, the Lyric Boards, Chopping Boards or a wall plaque that will contain your personal message, have become much-loved Anniversary, Wedding and Birthday gifts.  


Fast Turnaround

Our handcrafted gifts normally take between 5 days to 2 weeks to be created. If you have an occasion coming up that requires your gift to be created sooner. Send us an email or give us a call. We will let you know if we can help out.

Attention to Detail

Our expert team have a keen eye for modern design trends,  and creative solutions for bespoke requests.

Satisfied Customers

Check out our testimonials & reviews. Our customers are really happy with their gift & our service.

Creative Bespoke Design

Imagination is the only limitation when it comes to original and tailored designs. No idea is too complex for our CNC experts.

Quality Craftsmanship

With decades of CNC and CAD design experience our team have personal experience with the intrequite and sensitve nature of raw and unique materials.

No Obligation Quotes

Get in touch with our friendly design team to request a no obligation free quote for your idea or project.

Contact Us

Contact us today to discuss your preferred design and Denise will be able to draw up a detailed 2-D image for your consideration.  At H&H Design Detail we love what we do.  We value and respect our environment.  We take pride in producing exceptional gifts to the highest standards.  With a short lead-time on orders, we can get your bespoke gift designed, produced and shipped to you relatively quickly.

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