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Do you have special occasion coming up to celebrate? Is there a date circled on your calendar for the marriage of a loved one or has an invitation arrived in the door for a special someone’s big event? If you’re searching for a beautiful gift to celebrate anniversaries that will be treasured for years to come, then have a look at our beautiful range of Wedding Anniversary Gifts. HH Design Detail have designed these gift ideas around ancient Celtic symbols showing a mark of love, years of marriage, family and eternity. These are gifts with profound meaning and a powerful connection to Celtic heritage. We select some of the most beautiful and durable wood material to create wedding anniversary gifts that will be kept with pride for years to come. If you want to give a truly special traditional appropriate gift with real meaning, please browse our range of great options for you.

Tree of Life Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Our first design is the Tree of Life Wall Hanging Plaque. It remains our most popular wedding or anniversary gift with our customer. The Tree of Life symbol represents the connection to one’s heritage, family, ancestors and home. It has an intricate network of branches associated with a family’s growth and strength through many generations. It is also associated with fertility, as the tree will always find a way to continue growing through seeds or new saplings no matter what else may occur. It is lush and green, which signifies vitality. This is a profoundly beautiful gift for a happy couple to mark the beginning of their journey of married life, or for a couple celebrating many years of marriage together.

As with all of our presents, we offer something extra to make The Tree of Life Wall Hanging Plaque even more meaningful. You can have your present personalised with a message, perhaps a special date, names, nicknames or a phrase. You can come up with the perfect words to make a beautiful present even more special. Handcrafted from the finest of European Oak / American Walnut wood we then add your gold Tree of Life in the centre, together the gold & wood mix catches the light, shimmering , mixing a taste of traditional and modern to create a unique gift to celebrate a special milestone, occasion or anniversary our presents that will last a life time.

Trinity Knot Wedding Anniversary Gifts

The ancient Celtic Trinity Knot is another favourite traditional Celtic symbol . There is no single Celtic symbol for family as it is simply too important in Celtic culture to be represented within one image. There are, however, several ancient Celtic knots that represent eternal love, strength and family unity in different ways.

The Trinity Knot is also known as the Triquetra or Celtic Triangle. It is one of the most beautiful Celtic symbols, formed from a circle interwoven with a continuous three-pointed symbol. It is an ornate, elaborate image associated with profound meaning, making it the ideal anniversary gift, 5 year wedding anniversaries, wedding gift, personalised gift or a milestone event. This stunning gift is a sign of love & an appropriate present for someone special that has an occasion to celebrate.

The Triquetra is thought to be the oldest Celtic symbol of spirituality. It is represented in the world-famous 9th century manuscript the Book of Kells. It also appears in Norwegian stave churches from the 11th century. This is a symbol with deep history and meaning.

In our family run company, H&H Design & Detail, we love to discover new designs, mixing traditional and modern techniques to create a stunning gift to celebrate a special occasion like a wedding, an anniversary, 5 years of marriage, someone who loves a taste of Irish . We explore the meaning behind symbol. We love to think creatively about how we can capture the spirit and sentiment of these ancient designs in ageless gifts that will last a lifetime. These gifts embody ancient concepts and connections that have lost none of their power.

As with everything thing we do in our family run company, we like to keep our customer at the forefront… We select only the finest of material, we handpick our wood for each gift that we create, all of our gifts are produced on site in Ireland, we offer world wide shipping if you wish to send your gift to a loved one far away, we like to go a step extra to make your shopping experience with us is as enjoyable as it can be & send you a design of your personalised gift before we start to work on creating the gift, Once you the customer are happy with everything we then set about creating it, for a large section of our gifts we will have them ready for shipping between 7 – 10 working days on receiving your order. If you have a tighter timeframe to get your stunning gift we can work together to try & have it ready for when you need. Just get in contact with us via phone or email & we would be delighted to work with you on this.

If you have any ideas or a design you would like to make, we would love to hear from you. You can give us a call or send us an email at We’d love to hear your ideas and work together to make them come to life & make your shopping experience one to enjoy.

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    Celtic Ogham Handcrafted Wooden Plaque Dilseacht – Gaelic for Loyalty

  • Irish Oak Ogham Celtic Plaque Love

    Celtic Ogham Handcrafted Wooden Plaque Grá – Gaelic for Love

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    Celtic Ogham Handcrafted Wooden Plaque Personalised Name

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  • Irish Oak Ogham Celtic Plaque Health

    Celtic Ogham Handcrafted Wooden Plaque Sláinte – Gaelic for Health

  • Irish Oak Ogham Celtic Plaque Happiness

    Celtic Ogham Handcrafted Wooden Plaque Sonas – Gaelic for Happiness

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